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Cake Size

Cake serves are estimated based on coffee serves which is a 1" x 1" sized cut equivalent to a small regular cupcake portion (like at weddings). If you are looking for dessert serves (2" x 1" cuts) please choose the next size up in cake size to ensure there is plenty of cake to go around.

How to cut tall cake

I recommend cutting a cake in square cuts (visualise a grid) and cut a 1" deep cut all the way down the face of the cake, push the whole slice onto a large plate or cutting board, and then divide and cut smaller portions and distribute. Continue cutting with this way for the next 1" deep slice until the end. You will maximise your portions using this method

How to store cake

My cakes keep very fresh in the fridge for up to 7 days (decorations may vary), so if you are not eating the cake on the day of pickup, store the cake (as given in my box) into a drinks fridge (or a fridge with no odours) and bring to room temperature at least 45min-1hour before cutting. Butter based cakes and buttercream are best eaten nice and soft.

How to order cake

Please fill the cake order request form in the order section. The price is vary depends on size, design and details. Your inspirational photo, preferred colours and theme will be great help to create your special cake, The inspirational photo is just a reference, I don't make the cake exact same.



Macaron is gluten free dessert but some flavours are including gluten such as Oreo, Biscoff and some special flavours. Please check the ingredients.

Ingredients: Almond meal, Egg White, Sugar. Egg yolk, Butter, Vanilla extract

How to store

Macarons can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days. But I recommend consuming within a couple of days of the purchase. 

How to order

Please refer to the order page for assorted macarons. Custom order, please fill the request form on the order page. The price is vary depends on details and decorations. Your inspirational photo, preferred colours and theme will be great help to create your special macarons, The inspirational photo is just a reference, the macarons can be slightly different. Please place an order minimum of 1-2 weeks notice.


Baking beginner

Don't worry, it's baking beginner friendly class. You don't need baking experience to join the class.

How to book

The class runs everyday. please refer to the book page to check the available date to book.

What to Bring

All the ingredients and tools are included. So just bring yourself to enjoy!

Location, Time, Duration & Date

The class runs in Mt Pleasant near Garden City Shopping Centre.

All the classes starts at 10am

The class goes for 2-2.30hours.

The class runs Monday to Friday. Also weekend classes are available with minus of 2 people.

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